What's docbook2odf?

Docbook2odf is a toolkit that automaticaly converts DocBook to OASIS OpenDocument (ODF, the ISO standardized format used for texts, spreadsheets and presentations). Conversion is based on a XSLT which makes it easy to convert DocBook->ODF, ODT, ODS and ODP as all these documents are XML based.

Also goal of docbook2odf is to generate well formatted documents in OpenDocument, ready to be used in instant, with actually considering current rules of the Corporate Identity of organizations. Final results should not be restricted to text like documents but also many other forms could be generated, like presentations, charts or forms with images and multimedia.

The result is provided in a one zipped ODF file (.odt/.odp/.ods) with all required content. There are group of utilities like docbook2odt, docbook2ods and docbook2odp as docbook2odf is actually universally converting to these respective formats.

Docbook2odf is open source. This means that the source codes is not only available for download free of charge, but developers have access to the source code and may modify it.

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2007-06-18: Docbook2odf-0.244 released

Added support to subscript, superscript, commnad, guimenu, guilabel, guibutton, keycal, accel, variablelist, varlistentry, term, sidebar, bibliography, biblioentry, .... More ways how to handle xsl conversion in docbook2odf script, added some new params. Fixed utf-8 problems and few other problems in xsl. Changed some of styles (tables, document types)

2006-08-25: Gartner: Web 2.0 to make waves in enterprise

Other developments on the longer-term radar include the application of Semantic Web technologies to corporate Web content. Gartner claims the corporate Semantic Web will cut costs and improve the quality of content management, information access, interoperability and integration.

One of the key themes of the emerging technologies hype cycle is the growing consumerization of IT. Fenn said companies need to work out how to incorporate consumer technologies in a secure manner to provide business value for the enterprise.

2006-07-14: PyArticle - Pythonic way to article handling

Today's web is world of articles. CMS, publishing pages, blogs, wikis...everything is about text-publishing. I'm using everything of them, but they were all essetially build on they own engines. I became to set up some new sites build on those, but I found no suitable working solution which allowed me to handle article publishing and I feel being forced to build yet-another-my-own-engine. So I decided to make one as an python module to avoid this lost of time for next projects and perhaps to help others facing same problem.

Export to ODF is now done via docbook2odf script, which is part of docbook2odf distribution.

Write own implementation of this script in Python (as export is just transformation via sheets, some metadata and zip).


2006-06-21: Mailing list

We would like to invite everyone interested in contributing and giving feedback to our mailing list. All development and user feedback should be discussed here as all information can be searched and anyone can reply to questions asked. Please register at: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/docbook2odf-devel

2006-05-28: Docbook2odf opens up its development process

Using our new webpage we want to present and open up our development for everyone who wants to help us create better conversion filters. The new site comes with a free subversion repository which is available at http://svn.comsultia.com/docbook2odf. We are looking new team members which can help us with our project with this tasks:
  • XSLT filters development and new feature integration
  • Creating CI example templates
  • Create GUI or commandline tools
  • Standardizing and maintaining the install process
  • Creating packages for linux distributions and ebuild for Gentoo
  • Creating a test set of documents
  • Testing and bugtracking of converted documents in various office tools
contact us>>>

2006-05-22: docbook2odf with new homepage

What we are planning?
  • Open SVN repository and allow to access more developers to it
  • Creating utils with user-friendly GUI
  • How-to for hacking actual XSLT

2006-05-03: OpenDocument Format Passes ISO Voting

The OpenDocument Format has unanimously passed, with a few abstentions, voting in the ISO standard process. While there are a few more formalities that need to happen in the ISO process, for all intents and purposes it is an ISO standard. Congratulations to everyone who worked hard on getting the standard created and approved in the ISO process. read more>>>