Development team

Here is the people that works on the project.

To join the team, you must contribute with some work and once we see you can be helpful, you will be invited.

Roman Fordinál (

Chief Developer


  • Martin Frlička - Technical support and motivation :o)
  • Martin Hudec (corwin) - Translating (slovak->english) and consultations.
  • Peter Drahoš (pdrahos) - Development and consultations.

Contributed with any code in history

  • Dag Wieers - rpm packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.
  • Thomas Schraitle - rpm packages for SUSE / xUbuntu.
  • Robert Buick (Sun Microsystems) - Implemented superscript and subscript
  • Peter Nemšák ( - Web designer.
  • Ramesh.R.M (ramesh) - Development.
  • Sean Wheller (seanwhe) - Development and consultations.
  • Daniel Carrera (danielc) - Help with project in OpenDocument Fellowship.