How can I help?

We want to open up development for everyone who wants to help us create better conversion filters. There is a free subversion repository which is available at

At fist join the community by IRC channel #docbook2odf (or #docbook) at We would like to invite you and everyone interested in contributing to our mailing list. All development and user feedback should be discussed here as all information can be searched and anyone can reply to questions asked. Please register at:

Try to understand our code, maybe write some docs and some small examples. It is very important for any hacking in docbook2odf to understand DocBook, ODF and XSLT. After that, search for a part you are willing to code stuff for and let us know.

XSLT filters development and new feature integration:

We would recommend to download few books about DocBook, XSLT and OpenDocument:

Task is to implement all DocBook tags to OpenDocument over XSLT, with special emphasis on quality of XSLT on output and way of implementation in filters (comments and style of coding). It is also very important to make tags configurable in their interpretations (for example - "role" with some tags) and their free reinterpretations with CI (corporate identity) overlay.

Full list of current tasks can be found in roadmap.

Creating CI example templates:

Create GUI or commandline tools:

Standardizing and maintaining the install process:

  • Make ebuild install package for Gentoo
    emerge docbook2odf;

    The most difficult problem is: how simplify the way of getting the final project to end-users.

    We believe the most ideal way to get the project to end-users is to create ebuilds for Gentoo and put these on the web for download and later to become a part of portage.

    I'm considering to split the packages to 2 packages:

    • docbook2odf-xsl-stylesheets - this should install just the xsl/ directory containing the style sheets.
    • docbook2odf - this should contain and build all existing and future utilities such as GUI and scripts. It depends on the previous package. USE flags - there should be "examples" and "test" USE flags.

    As for version counting I would like name the ebuilds by svn revisions. eg. docbook2odf-0.[rev_num].ebuild

    The install process itself currently consists only in copying the style sheets and perl scripts to the host system. There is no compilation involved but that could change in the future.

Creating a test set of documents:

This should be a minimal set of documents used to validate and identify problems with generating ODF. Such documents could for example contain all possible tags. These should be stored in the test/ directory which should contain files such as test001.docbook.

The test result should report the failed test document if an error occurred.

Testing and bugtracking of converted documents in various office tools:

Similarly to test documents we would like to provide some examples which could present the features such as creating presentations etc.

Implementing into open-source CMS systems, etc...:

Requesting to new features:

Please submit feature requests using this feedback page.