How to use docbook2odf

Installing in Gentoo from portage

  • Download latest ebuilds

  • Put it into portage category app-text as root

  • Install

    $emerge -pv docbook2odf
    $USE="????" emerge docbook2odf

Installing from source codes

  1. Download source codes

    Download latest source codes

  2. Installation

    • Install dependencies

      perl library >=XML-Sablot-1.01
      perl library >=imagemagick-6.2
      perl library >=Archive-Zip-1.1
    • make directory /usr/share/docbook2odf as root

      $su root;
      $mkdir -p /usr/share/docbook2odf/
    • copy all files from working directory to /usr/share/docbook2odf

    • link executable perl script docbook2odf

      $ln -sf /usr/share/docbook2odf/utils/docbook2odf \
  3. Testing with examples

    • run docbook2odf on anything from /usr/share/docbook2odf/examples

      $docbook2odf --input-file /usr/share/docbook2odf/examples/lists.docbook
    • check output document saved in your current directory

      $ooffice2 lists.odt

Implementation and integration

  • When you integrate this stylesheets in your project, please inform us and create link to this webpage on your project webpage.

  • Please include this filters only as automatized svn checkout with fixed revision number.

    $svn co docbook2odf -r 3;