Roadmap and to-do

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XSLT filters development and new features roadmap:

Now working on:

  • <docbook:author>
  • <docbook:personname>
  • [fordinal] <odf:table> styles
  • [fordinal] TableOfContent
  • [fordinal] /tests/bookinfo.001.xml

In queue:

  • <odf:table> spanning
  • document element sizes normalization (pt, px or cm?)
  • implement more papersizes (A4, A5, ...)
  • [fordinal] <docbook:title> in some interpretations
  • <docbook:mediaobject> support in presentation
  • animation between presentation slides
  • Multilingual support
  • date and time formatting
  • style:family=drawing-page ???
  • <docbook:footnote> as footnote in OpenDocument
  • l10n support
  • actual chapter title in footer instead of book title
  • <docbook:preface>
  • Entities support (like ë and →)

Next milestones:

Docbook2odf utils

Now working on:

  • [pdrahos] documentation writen in docbook

In queue:

  • support for overlays
  • create GUI frontend in qt


  • C/C++ libdocbook2odf
  • perl package
  • python lib

Testing output documents

Koffice 1.5.1:

  • [fordinal] WARNING: Parent style not found: Standard
  • [fordinal] WARNING: List level style for level 1 in list style <outline-style> not found!
  • [fordinal] WARNING: Ignoring tag rect
  • [fordinal] WARNING: Parent style not found: Footer
  • [fordinal] WARNING: Footer frame 0 rightborder outside page (798>595.277), shrinking
  • [fordinal] WARNING: Header frame 0 rightborder outside page (798>595.277), shrinking

Others To-Do:

Webpage To-Do:

  • Text to article "What is OpenDocument?"

Request to new features:

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