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free community support

We would like to invite you and everyone finding support to our mailing list. All user feedback should be discussed here as all information can be searched and anyone can reply to questions asked. Please register at:

Or you can try IRC channel #docbook2odf and #docbook at

paid support

Having problems or do not have time to set things up? You can choose to buy support from the authors from Comsultia directly. We can help you integrate docbook2odf to your applications.


To integrate docbook2odf with a web based (CMS) or standalone application (or your intranet IS), including user authentification, document flow, etc. We have 7-year experience in CMS and other web based IS development (see Cyclone3 CMS).

sponsored development

If you want new features to be added to docbook2odf and want to share them with the community you can choose to sponsor our development. You won't hold the copyright for such aditions, and they will be included in the standard GPL distribution.

A business that chooses to sponsor docbook2odf can rest assured knowing that they are supporting the development of docbook2odf and the associated open source community and will receive a quality product delivered at the end of the process. Full acknowledgments will be given to sponsors, commensurate to their contribution. This allows the sponsor to receive some publicity on docbook2odf webpage.

custom development

If you need a custom application or modification for your conversions based on docbook2odf or not, we might be able to help. We can deploy custom applications, filters, etc. You will be holding the copyright for our work, and might choose to disclaim the rights if you want them to be released.

  • Automatized generating DocBook / OpenDocument from IS

  • Automatized data mining from DocBook / OpenDocument / Word DOC / RTF / ...

  • Conversions from/to another related formats ( XML / OpenXML / RTF / XSL-FO / XHTML )

other capabilities

Our consultants and engineers have many years experience in developing information systems, both XML- and Web-based. Specifically, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Consultation and advice on Internet, Web and E-Business architectures, technologies and development

  • Information analysis and design

  • Project management

  • Usability studies

  • Editorial services